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The artisan workshop Gerardi Donato sas is situated at the edges of the Florentine plain, in the central street of Signa. Its position is easily reachable from Prato, Pistoia and Florence.

From Florence you take the Road of Big Communication Florence Pisa Livorno, you leave it in Lastra in Signa and when you arrive to the bridge on the Arno through via Livornese, turn right in the direction Campi Bisenzio. You go along Via Roma, where you can find at the number 14 the workshop which produces aluminium hat-blocks of Gerardi Roberto e Co. If you come from Prato and Pistoia, you must follow the indications to reach Signa.



In the spot Indicatore you take the road Via Dei Colli, which after some kilometre becomes Via Roma.


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